Virtual Reality

As technology continues to evolve, we get a much clearer view of construction projects before anyone even picks up a hammer. We have implemented virtual reality into our workflow to give our clients an unprecedented and intimate view of their investment before they spend a dime on construction.


This medium has truly helped us provide value to our clients through time and cost savings.


This video is a recording of the VR experience. You will notice that we have created the proposed grading plan in 3D. This is representative of the actual site conditions! We also constructed the home in 3D. 



kitchen in vr

Wouldn’t it be nice to walk around a new kitchen before several thousands of dollars are spent on construction? We can help you experience a project to ensure it fits your vision.


truss design

Any experienced builder can visualize a roof truss layout. But inevitably there will be details that are missed and will take time to deal with in the field. Virtual reality is a great way to minimize on site surprises!


Inspection project

Our sister company, 3D Civil Solutions, LLC, provided this model for a large consulting firm for inspection and analysis purposes. With the help of 3D Civil Solutions, LLC., we can bring any site back to the office with us! This is also a powerful tool for communicating with our clients and contractors.